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Taina Kilpiäinen wrote:

> Dear T. Swaminarayan
> I have felt Ramanas presence in HIS word. I have read His text more. He has
>  <snip>

> <snip>

> Ramana has suggested to trace of source of all thoughts! I have tried to
> practise Self-Inquiry. Asking Who am I? Final result: I am "I" who don't
> know who am I? And I when I do this longer time I fall like sleep-state.

Though it is not advisable to teach meditation practice in absentia, I can
give you a few tips which will help you in the physical/mental aspects of
meditation, if you so wish.

> This think "I" is in like background and other things go around, but I
> don't care them anymore and after that I see sleep-pictures. I always stuck
> this stage. How to advance in this inquiry?

Same as above.

> What is better to do? I have read Ramanas book anykind meditation-
> practyises,like japa, dhyana, breath-control etc. I don't know almost
> nothing about meditation-methods and Yoga.

I can try to help you in the matter if you want.

> What are these three most important steps in the upliftment of this
> egoistic self to non-personal SELF?
> I have heart Spiritual Heart in right side of the chest. This Hear can feel
> in right side of chest in Human body. How can this Heart is feeling able?

Our scriptures saying "Heart is on the right side in the body" has a hidden
and not direct meaning.
"Right side of the body" means the surface consciousness, the consciousness
which is operative in the waking state (and in dream state). "Heart" is the
"space" (aakaa"sa) of our thoughts. Whatever thoughts arise in our mind forms
a kind of "thought-space", that is "Heart" (skt. h.rdaya). If you try to
detect it in the right side of physical body, of course it will not be found!
If you ask me why the "right side" then it requires some more detailed

> Regards
> Taina

Your letters were very interesting and arresting. Go slow, be patient. The
Reality is accessible as Shri Ramana has tried to explain. Best wishes,
-- Himanshu

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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