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>    My understanding of the mind is that: the Mind is not a physical organ.
It has no shape, form, color or any other physical attributes.  A healthy
brain creates a healthy mind and a healthy
>mind is limitless. A living form including human is a deadwood without a
>mind.  Mind controls the body and senses not the otherway around.  Mind is
>preprogrammed and is essentially madeup of 3 gunas, Sattva, Rajo and Tamas in
>different proportions in accordance with prarabdha karma.  Food, drinks,
>drugs, teachings and other strong minds effect the brain and thereby further
>influence these gunas.  There are so many teachings on the subject "How to
>control the mind".  Most say "You control the mind".  Whos is this "You" they
>are referring ?  I think they dont even know.
        Maharshi said that  "...the mind is only a bundle of thoughts and
that the thoughts arise because there is the thinker.  The thinker is the
ego.  The ego is the root-thought from which all other thoughts arise."

     If we are only a "point of view," then perhaps Chuang Tzu was correct
when he said:

     "Joy, anger, grief, delight, worry, regret, modesty, insolence.....let
them be.
     Without them, you would not exist.
     Without you, they would have nothing to take hold of."

                                     Chuck Hillig

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