Chelluri Nageswar Rao Chelluri at AOL.COM
Fri Aug 23 14:52:29 CDT 1996

sada, you addressed only part of the question rather statement.   Hope you
read my views on Mind.   In this message you said withdraw the mind and
divert to god. How? I would like to mention here what Swami Ramadas (Person
who left his family and took sanyasa)    He said " Our minds wont turn
towards God unless Gods grace falls on our minds first"    I fully agree with
him.   You are all living examples!

Now about celibacy.   Can you show One samsari (foregt about rishis and
munis) in the past are present who attained selfrealization when he has
responsibilities for his wife and progeny their education and marriage.  Just
show me one single samsari.

Why sri chinmayananda, mata amritanandamayi, mother meera, vivekananda scores
of others prefered celibacy?

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