Self-realization and Karma

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On Mon, 26 Aug 1996, Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

=>> As you might have noticed from my earlier posting(s), I fully accept the
=>> interpretation that everything is pre-ordained, and thus I am perfectly
=>> in tune with the quote from Sri Ramana Maharshi which you posted.
=>> But Sri Ramana Maharshi's quote seems to comment on the body only. How
=>> about the mind ? How about the reaction of the mind to any event ? Is
=>> that also not pre-ordained ?
=>> If you do not want to break your own dictum of not posting anymore on this
=>> topic, a private e-mail (for my own clarification) would be appreciated.
=>> Regards
=>> Gummuluru Murthy
        Can there exist a mind without a body.  In fact the mind is nothing
but a bunch of thoughts that arise due to identification with the body.
        It is nothing but a bunch of thoughts arising from time to time with
which we identify ourseleves.

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