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sadananda sada at ANVIL.NRL.NAVY.MIL
Wed Aug 28 06:37:25 CDT 1996

Vidya used:
                                         A = á
                                         I = í
                                         U = ú
                                    r. = r·
                                   m. = m·
                                     S = s¯
                                     T = t¯
                                    Th = th¯
                                     D = d¯
                                    Dh = dh¯
                                     N = n¯
                                         jn = jñ

and S¯an·karácárya

Vidya - since you asked

Frankly it turned me off.  I liked your previous version.  I thought I am
now got used to reading one transliteration RIT or TRANS and somthing in
between to which your old one belonged.

by the by I tried to get to the old version to compare the two,  but your
server did not let me in.

Hari Om!

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