Gummuluru Murthy gmurthy at MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA
Fri Aug 30 13:37:28 CDT 1996

One of the members of the Discussion Group, Sri Chelluri Nageswar Rao
wants me to post this for the Group on the subject Gayatri, partly in
response to the earlier postings.

     Murty Garu Namaskarams.  I saw your posting on Advaita and
     responses from Sada and Vidya.  Computer at home needs to be
     fixed.  I could not complete my response as it is extremely
     slow.It took two hours just to read the postings and write two
     lines.  Anyway this will reach you.  Maybe you can edit and post
     it on Advaita, giving the reason why u are posting on my behalf.
     Yesterday I took time off to go see Karunamayi.  She received me
     very well and Iam happy to see her.  I am sending a book she
     wrote on Vivekachudamani.  Now in response to your posting.
     Remember my posting on selfrealization.  To be a true Advatin one
     has to practice celibacy, adhere to patanjali yoga sutras and
     finally become a sanyasi mentally/physically.  To be aware of
     that "I" not the body or mind is well good.  Just being aware
     does not take you anywhere when you constantly worry about your
     paycheck and wife (quoting sada's reply).  Karunamayi was a
     happily married woman but she took brahmacharya and finaaly
     sanyas ashram to achieve selfrealization.  So did all those
     people Vivekananda and others practiced strict celibacy.  I say
     it in no uncertain words to be an Advaitin like adishankara one
     has to strictly adhere to the rules mentioned earlier.
     Now about the lineage.  A sanyasi need not tell lineage but we
     still attached do have to say it.  I read it yesterday in a book
     the answer to your question.  I will make a copy and mail it to
     you.  I will purchase another book for u when I go to India. I
     agree what he says.   The reason is scientific.  We constantly
     remenber our gotram and say the lineage because we dont make a
     mistake of marriage of sagotrikulu (people of same gotram). The
     progeny of sagotrikulu (majoprity of them) are mentally and
     physically retarded.  That is why Rishis insisted on lineage.
     u dont have to say the lineage if you giveup everthing and look
     at opposites equally.  I hope this answers your doubt.
     Respond to this ASAP.
     Regards               Shubham               Rao

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