Crossposting (was Re: An Interesting article - any response?)

Shrisha Rao shrao at NYX.NET
Fri Dec 6 14:54:32 CST 1996


I accept Ken Stuart's observations about crossposting in general, and
will not do so after this present discussion dies.  Owing to the
special circumstances involved in it, I believe many people are
following the thread on both lists, and curtailing it on one list at
this point is not particularly sensible.

For the future, I'd like to request all members of the Advaita list to
please respond to any interesting postings they see on the Dvaita
list, on that forum itself.  Supporting or advocating Advaita is
certainly possible as well, and no restriction need be felt on that
account.  I have in fact openly and even specifically invited many
Advaitins to join that list and present their views so as to avoid a
closed "mutual-admiration-society" atmosphere there, and several have
accepted, and there are presently enough Advaitins (about 30) on it
that any new ones coming in will not feel alone or unsupported.

That said, the main point of my posting:

In an introductory essay by Sri Vidyaamaanya Tiirtha, one comes across
the following prose:

ata eva shrIshaN^karAchAryaiH `OM patyurasAmaJNjasyAt.h' iti
sUtrabhAshhye spashhTaM pAshupatamataM nirAkAri |

meaning something like "thus only, Sri Shankaraachaarya has clearly
denounced the Shaiva doctrine in his commentary upon the Suutra, `OM

The Suutra in question is 2.2.37 in Sri Shankara's commentary, but I
have no access to a proper version with appropriate sub-commentary,
etc., at present.  The complete text of the essay from which this is
quoted, is available at

This seems a very surprising conclusion, and I would like to know how
Advaitins would disagree with it (as seems likely).  Please note that
this is _not_ a challenge of any sort, and my only purpose is to be
able to ask Sri Vidyaamaanya why he said what he did.


Shrisha Rao

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