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At 07:04 AM 12/7/96 -0800, you wrote:
>     First of all, I want to acknowledge Shrisha for  reminding me that
>advaitic non-dualism is, by virtue of the subject matter, an untenable
>position when argued from a logician's standpoint.
Dear Chuck,

Pranams.  I was wondering how much pain Sri Adisankara must have taken in
order to make people understand the Advaitic stand point of view.

>     Avaita can only be experiential, and it has nothing to do with faith.
>If you sense its truth, but still have no permanent experience of it yet,
>then  you can only point the way.
Isn't that faith that leads you on the path!

>     Once again, I don't think that Advaitans are ever really "argued into"
>this "path."  In a sense, this "path-less path" seems to find them through
>     I can well understand why Silence was Maharshi's highest teaching!
>                                                With Blessings,
                                                  Chuck Hillig
very well said!  Thanks.

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