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Following is just my opinion.

For beginers in spirituality Saguna Upasana is essential.  Having knowledge
alone is not enough.  One should put that in practice.  That is what I
understand from Gita.  May be my understanding is not correct.
Sri Madhava gave me some leads on this topic and Sada told me a few things on
I read Chapter 12 of Gita.  The question I asked is there but there is no
complete answer except Nirgunopasana is DIFFICULT.  I requested Sada to send
me a copy of Uddava Gita.  May be I will find an answer.

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At 07:25 PM 12/12/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Thank you Madhava.  I dont have a copy of Uttarageeta.
Dear Nageswara Rao garu,

Unfortunately, I too don't have the Uttarageeta with me. I just happend
that I remember the Sloka and its meaning. I am going to India on 21st
of this month for 3 days.  I will fetch a book and give you a detailed

>If you konw of a place, please advise.  What was the response to 1-32?
> I am anxious to know.   I will look into chapter 12 of Bhagavadgita.
The answer was the same told by SriKrishna in chapter 12.

One more thing, if you are interested in more detailed reference I can
suggest another book where again same discussion happend.

This time the inquirer was the mightest warrier in the world, and the
teacher is the renouncer of the world :-)

Please Refer :  Siva Geeta in Padmapurana (I don't have book but I remember
the slokas)

Sree ParamESwarOvAca:
sLo :  upAsavidhAya statra catvAraH parikeertitAH |
       saMpadArOpa saMvartAdhyAsA iti maneeshibhiH ||
                              (Siva geeta - 12-9)

Dear Srirama, Wisemen say that there are four kinds of upasanas
1) SAmPAT 2) ArOpa  3) saMvarta 4) adhyaasa

My understanding on how the ganis look the form of the lord everywhere:

Since it is not possible to imagine the Nirguna or the formless. Try
to see the Lord everywhere. Where ever your looks go, you should be
able to percieve your lords divine presence in that. This is called
as "adhyAsa"

slO :  aarOpO buddhipoorvENa ya upAsA vidhiScasaH
       yOshityagni matiryattadadhyAsa ssa udAhRUtaH ||  (S.G :12-12)

Though it is an inferior object, with all the mental attention
trying to impose the presence of the Lord in it and adoring it
is called as adhyaasa.
One day Saint Sri Ramakrishna was going on a palanquin to see the
princes.  The palanquin-bearers, being in a hurry, tried to take
the palanquin through a harlot's contryard.  Looking at his adorable
palanquin; a prostitute, mistaking Sri Ramakrisna as a paramour,
calls Sri Ramakrishna by doing an indecent gesture.

Sri Ramakrishna looked at her like a kid and applauded thus
"Oh! Mother Kali you are here.. I was thinking that you are in
the temple"...
This is something called as "gnAnadRUsThi".


>You are right! I want to initiate some discussion on worship.  Those
>interested may respond.
>Regards                                                                 Nagy
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