Advaita 1001: Sri Shankara's and Sri Ramana Maharshi's insights into Advaita

M & E Shearn peacewrk at SNET.NET
Fri Nov 8 10:16:39 CST 1996

a hackers opinion
Seeing myself as a body, I percieve these great Masters as such also.
Misidentifying myself as an ego, the karma of the body runs it's due course
that I percieve as seperate individual beings in some other time.
The difference between the 'missions' of these 'two' is the confused and
illsionary effect on imaginary individuals.
Snakes in ropes.
Being that all this is within the One Consciousness, here and now, Sri
Sankara might say to disreguard it all as Maya as there is only That One
Reality, Brahaman.
Sri Ramana Maharshi may simply ask one, who is it that asks the question?
Both succeed in pointing to the one and the same Self, SAT-CHIT-ANANDA,
which absorbs the questioner, the questioning and the question.
History is only real in the mind and relavent only to the ego/body idea and
therefore it exists only in ignorance.
I sense it is only worth considering as a way of invalidating it's reality.
Not this-not this.

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