Upadesha panchaka of Shankara (Re: Advaita 1001)

M & E Shearn peacewrk at SNET.NET
Fri Nov 8 22:18:54 CST 1996

The following is taken from Talks With Sri Raman Maharshi

pg. 58 disciple: can a sanyasi remain in the midst of samsara?

Sri Ramana: so long as one thinks that he is a sanyasi, he is not one...

pg. 242 d: is it necessary to take sanyasa for Self-Realization?

M: sanyasa is to renounce one's individuality...

pg. 394 d: should not a man renounce everything in order that he might get

M: even better then the man who thinks " I have renounced everything" is the
one who does his duty but does not think "I do this" or "I am the doer".
Even a sanyasi who thinks "I am a sanyasi" cannot be a true sanyasi, where
as a house-holder who does not think "I am a housholder" is truly a sanyasi.

Teaching so sublime, beyond words.

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