Is Experience the Same as Knowledge?

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Sat Nov 9 19:24:24 CST 1996

>Is Knowledge other than the Self?

Nothing stands in opposition to the SELF.

>If there is loss of individuality and loss of identification with the body,
>who would be left to be aware of being afraid?

A great question   Who, indeed?

>If there is fear can there be anything but illusion and ignorance?
>Doesn't Jnana obliterate ignorance, like the light removes dark?
>Can the snake and the rope be known simultaneously?

However, the snake-like qualities of the rope will not disappear with the
realization that it's only a rope just like the mirage of a lake in the
desert  will continue to look like a real lake even after you've realized
that it's only a mirage. When you see things as they TRULY are, (i.e. only
the SELF)  you  won't be "hooked"  anymore by your attachment to (and/or
interpretations of) such divisive illusions.

>My experience is that Awareness it self is pure and homoginized.
>Without it limitited to being 'in me' there is no second thing 'in it' to be
>fearful of.
>If I am aware of awareness then there is individuality or ego, which is
>itself ignorance or Duality.
>Of course Knowledge abides beyond 'all this' in Silence
>om shanti

A nice post, ej

                       With Blessings,
                               Chuck Hillig

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