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Sun Nov 10 09:52:10 CST 1996

The following is based on the ajatavaada doctrine of advaita.  It is radical
like zen.  Please modify judgement accordingly...or take with grain of salt if
neccessary...or ignore it altogether.



All our talk about the nature of knowledge, experience--how relevant one is
over the other, how real they might be, etc., has nothing to do with jnana.
These attributes, by definition, relate to a presumed individual subject.
If there really *is* a separative, individual subject in existence, then
these attributes are relevant.

We might consider that brahman, with its universal Totality, is utterly
ONE massive subject.  The idea there are objects within it, is based on the
mistaken notion that there exists something *other* than brahman.  But this
is only a way of looking at the uncontemplatable nature of It.  A 'subject'
unto itself is absurd...it can only exist in contrast to an 'object.'
Therefore there can be no 'subject' that experiences or witnesses or knows.
This represents the supreme assault on the logical Mind.  And to the degree
that it fights back the natural current of the Self Being, is the degree
that the snake prevails.

On the other hand, nirvana is the flame of ego-Mind blown out.  It
constitutes the obliteration of phenomenal sensationalism, in any and all
conceivable forms it can take, including knowledge, experience, the idea
of a subject, a sane subject, a good or evil subject, etc.

Self-realization is the most unsophisticated thing there is.  The moment
we abstract ourselves from this *everpresent* truth in/of Being, is the
moment some snake-thought strangles our soul with folly!

OM namo Sivaye.

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