Is Experience the Same as Knowledge?

M & E Shearn peacewrk at SNET.NET
Sun Nov 10 20:10:00 CST 1996

>However, the snake-like qualities of the rope will not disappear with the
>realization that it's only a rope just like the mirage of a lake in the
>desert  will continue to look like a real lake even after you've realized
>that it's only a mirage.

only if thought to be in the mind,
Can the Self admit of any qualities?

>When you see things as they TRULY are, (i.e. only
>the SELF)  you  won't be "hooked"  anymore by your attachment to (and/or
>interpretations of) such divisive illusions.

Can the Self, which is unalloyed Being-Consciousness contain such 'things'
as 'you' or illusion?

>If it is TRULY real, it can never "appear" or "disappear".

The tenth man was always present, but not always known.
When the tenth man was found, the missing man was not.

Are our ideas of realization Self limiting?

Of course discusion is ultimately pointless
being the only answer is beyond all words
energy would be better given to inquirey.
for in Silence the Guru is heard

'I' can only be an ignorant fool

om shanti

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