Is Experience the Same as Knowledge?

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Sun Nov 10 20:53:45 CST 1996

At 08:55 PM 11/10/96 -0500, you wrote:
>EJ, if you're suggesting that sensations aren't the basic elements of
>knowledge, but theoretical reflections (especially of some third party, like
>Shankara) are, then we disagree.  Still, you may have a point. It seems to me
>that intellect, confounded by knowledge (memory, imagination, reflection) is
>samsara.  In other words, samsara is an interpretation of the same sensations
>that are also nirvana.
>I hope you'll explain what you're saying very clearly so we can talk about
Namaste my friend
True Knowledge, beyond knowledge and ignorance, or sensations, is Pure
Consciousness or unalloyed Being.
Beyond even samsara and nirvana!
The Self is not other than that.
Relative knowledge and ignorance, same as good and evil, are concepts,
thoughts, judgements or perceptions which are of the mind.
Having a mind, an ego, senses, emotions, etc. one must ask who am I that has
These all exist or are known as objects.
Who is the subject?
The Knower?
What is the one underlying Reality?

If I think of birth and death, both exist in one consciousness or 'I'.
This 'I' is one, the concepts are opposites, yet exist in the same single
To inquire "Who am I?", is the instruction of my SadGuru.

To know the knower of the known, is to realize the Self, which has the
nature of Being or Existance (I) and Consciousness or Knowledge (Am) and
Bliss when the triad of known, knower and knowledge disappear (That I Am)
upon inquirey in Pure Inneffable Self-Knowledge (Jnana).

Of course any of this that makes sense is just the reflection of the Truth
of my Teacher, Ramanaprasad.
Even still it is surely garbled and tainted by this deluded mind.

      I alone am nothing the Guru doeth the works.

I too speak only english and only recently have come to know the obvious
sanskrit words.
All this applies only to this person, which is nothing more than an idea of
ego/mind. This person is an imaginary out of work teamster/laborer somewhere
in illusory place named New England. I am neither scholar nor saint, in fact
I have been quite the sinner most of this life.
Reguardless!! Knowledge is ever present. God, Guru and Self contain no distance.
To have approached this Teaching is the most auspicious thing that exists in
samsara! Seek and ye' shall find. Grace is ever present, as is the Self or
Knowledge as they are non-dual.

om shanti

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