Knowledge, Experience and fear

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At 03:13 PM 11/11/96 -0500, you wrote:

>... you won't be there to question nor for me to tell!

I agree.  You can't be a separate "witness" to your own awakening.  In fact,
when you (at least, seemingly) "arrive" at that place-less place within your
heart of hearts, there will be no one there at all to greet you.

>One can not say it is there nor it is not there nor both
>one cannot say it is different from Brahman nor of the same type as Brahman
>nor both
>one cannot say it has parts or no parts or both
>wonder of wonder it is - it is of the form inexplainable.||

Nararajuna said "It cannot be called void or not void or both or neither;
but, in order to point it out, it is called "the void."

>One can go into exhaustive details about this maya and end up no where!
>because all the discussions will be taking place in maaya!.  The whole
>discussion becomes maaya!

Even my babblings!

>It is like asking details about the snake-
>But what we need to be know is that 1.  It is begining-less - yet it has an
>end. and if you ask more I have an easy escape -and 2.  It is

This is why Uroborus (sp.?),  the snake swallowing its own tail, is such a
powerful image.  What happens when it swallows it all?

>How did that sat chit ananda get deluded into jeeva notion and undergoing
>suffering! - This is one of the famous question!

If God is "The Great Pretender,"  then you're only pretending to forget that
you're only pretending to forget.   Etc., etc., etc.

>Hari Om! and Greetings to every one, although the truth is no is out there!

You ARE the truth!


Thank you for your post, Sadananda.
And I want to acknowledge all of you who take the time to respond as
thoughfully as you do.

                          With Blessings,

                                Chuck Hillig

>What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your
>gift to Him: Swami Chinmayananda

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