Knowledge, Experience and fear

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Gummuluru Murthy wrote:
>Well researched and well thought out article. But, surely, you do not mean
>sat chit ananda got deluded into jeeva notion  and undergoing suffering.

This is not my question - but an age old question
This is precisely one of the objections raised by the dvaitins against
advait's avidya concept.  Please refer to my comment on the who or what is
the locus of avidya.

>For such an excellent article written, I would hope you would correct
>this minor blemish. If I am mistaken, I would be grateful if you clarify
>it for me.

No from the Sat chit Ananda state there is no avidya nor suffering - in
fact there is  nothing (no-thing!) - neither jeeva nor Brahman, nor avidya
nor jagat nor any thing - no sat chit ananda either - just I am  - I
automatically implies chit and am automatically implies sat - advaita
(non-duel) automatically implies  ananda (anantameva ananda - infiniteness
alone is happiness - no limitations).

If jeeva is instructed as tat twam asi - you are that - the question arises
as how -I am that infiniteness- has become this finite individual. Maya is
the answer of advaita sastra.  yaa maa saa maayaa - that which is not there
but appears to be so due to delusion.  Now who has the delusion and how did
I get deluded etc. gets back to avidya again - hence to wind this and all
my further discussions on this topic - it is anirvachaniiyam - in

I am not sure  if it Bhudda's statement or someone elses:

" when the house on fire - do not sit down and start discussions, how did
the fire got started, who started it or how did this happen - Just get out
and save your self. Then you can leisurely ask those questions - but the
fact is when you get out - there is neither the house nor the fire nor
anyone else to ask!.  Just like the tiger that was chasing me in my dream
is no more when I am awaken.

That is why I said all this discussion itself is maaya.

Let me not be mistaken - All the yogas and even the concept of realization
is mayaa too.  If that is truly realized - that it is maayaa - it becomes
ViJNaana - there is no more maaya either.  Until realization occurs these
Yogaas and Sadhana etc. including this discussion,  although maayaa, has
relevance in purifying the mind.

This is one my complaints against Jiddu Krishnamuurth's talks.  Unless one
has clear understanding of advaita - it is very easy to get deluded by even
JK lectures denouncing Gurus and sadhana and his rhetoric about gods etc.
Once the advaitic concepts are clear, one can relish JK's analysis and
revel in it.

Hari Om!

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