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>> >what was that little dity Sri Krishna sang to Arjuna
>> >
>Bad example.  Arjuna actually spent time in Narka (Hell) for the sin of
>killing his family.
>However, Arjuna willingly accepted his fate as Krishna Bhagwan told him to.
> He did not attempt to weasel out of it.
>> >nothing occurs Jnana. there is no interaction in non-duality
>> >there is no such thing as a realized "person", except to the unrealized
>> >true Jnana is ununtainable, it is here and now, no place 'other'
>> >
>Logical argument can hardly make headway against such mystical babble.
>Suffice it to say your views are not in the tradition of Shankaracharya and
>his followers and don't deserve to be lumped together with Advaita.

mystical babble can hardly make headway against a logical mind, it's true.
  Sri Shankara's followers are not, when they attain Knowledge of The Teachings.
 i assume that you are communicating from a ashram or a cave due to your
certain experiential knowledge that Realization can only be known as a
sanyasin. For surely anyone who truly knows Brahman and how to Realize Him
in such a certain manner would not chose anything but that! Unless of course
he was a fool.
om shanti

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