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> Jaladhar Vyas wrote:
> > Ramakrishna and his followers are hardly reliable guides to the
> > of Vedanta.
> I am surprised to see such a statement here !
> I suggest you go through any small talk given by Swami Vivekananda.

Perhaps if all you know is the teachings of Vivekananda you might think so.
 However one who is familiar with the entire Vedantic tradition which
stretches back a couple of thousand years before him may think otherwise.

Vivekanand was a follower of the Brahmo Samaj before meeting Ramakrishna.
Educated in colonial schools, he had next to no knowledge of Sanskrit.  He
has no parampara having simply assumed sannyasa without any sort of diksha.
 His guru Ramakrishna, could not have taught him Vedanta either not being
much of a scholar himself.

Now, this doesn't mean the two weren't nice people or important in other
ways but they are not reliable guides to the doctrines of Vedanta.

> Wow ! You mean one can stop doing Karma ?!

Of course you can.  If your study of Vivekananda has led you to believe
otherwise, this is further evidence he didn't understand Vedanta.

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"Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at> wrote:

>You mean if this supposedly realized person was a soldier and after his
>"realization" he went back to shooting people there would be no effect?
>That's ridiculous.  Your view is only tenable if this whole
>jiva/brahman/karma interaction was occuring in isololation.  It isn't.  If
>a person is truly realized they understand the futility of karma and avoid
>it.  The original question was whether it was possible to attain jnana and
>continue in ones worldly life.  The answer is simple.  No.

A person who is truly realized creates no karma.

Karma is only created by performing an action with the attitude that
one is performing the action  :-)   IE that one is this limited

Since a realized person is one who no longer thinks that they are this
limited individual, then they also create no karma.



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