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Namaste Gummuluru

Moksha is used in advaita.  Mumukshutwam or the desire for
moksha is considered a very valuable quality in a human being.

While people feel limited, there will be a desire for moksha from
whatever seems to limit them.  If people can come to see the
spiritual connection and seek a qualified teacher, it is a great

If we can look at some people and whisper that we think they
are jiivanmuktas (liberated while living), and perhaps we
wish for such a person as our guru, are we not talking about
moksha accomplished during life?


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On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> [Some material deleted for brevity]
> Karma cannot be wished away.  In order to stop suffering from the effects
> of karma one must stop doing it.  One who knows the self feels a
> natural distaste for karma and gives it up.  Those that don't either
> haven't completely grasped the truth or they are working out the
> residue of karma from previous lives.  A householder can talk about
> Vedanta.  Indeed many people have from King Janaka and Maharshi
> Yagnavalkya to Mandana Mishra and Vachaspati Mishra and Appaya Dikshita
> or for that matter any of the people on this list.  But without tyaga
> there is no possibility of Moksha.
Are we mistaking something here ?
I do not think there is any moksha concept in Advaita.  Either
you are a jnani or covered by avidya.
Am I wrong ? I would be grateful for clarification.

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Gummuluru Murthy
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