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On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Rushikesh K. Joshi wrote:

> Scholarship, and knowledge of Sanskrit is by no means necessary
> for Realization. You are making a mistake if you are going by the quantity of
> Sanskrit one knows or the process of obtaining Diksha !

Note what I said.  They are not good guides to Vedanta.  I wouldn't want
to be operated on by a doctor whose sole qualification was watching ER and
General Hospital on TV and I wouldn't want any advice on Vedanta from
someone who didn't even understand the language it was written in.

> Respect other languages and other means of Knowledge.
> The whole world has given us so many great Saints and Seers.

If the  world has given any other saints and seers who have taught the
truth then sure I'll respect them.  But I haven't really looked because
I've already found a source of truth.

> There is a nice quote of Shankaraachaarya which you are not aware of:
> || Sampraapte Sannihite Kaale, Nahi Nahi Rakshati Dukrin Karane ||

When you have reached the end of your life dukrnyakarane will not protect
you. Do you know what that means? If so how is it relevant to the topic
you and I are discussing?

> It is extremely beneficial to study the life stories and teachings of
> Saints than to induldge in proving X > Y.

It is even more beneficial to actually listen to and heed the teachings of
saints than to just make things up as you go along.

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