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On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:
=>> This is on the recent discussion of the necessity of sanyaasa. The main
=>> is whether sanyaasa is possible without ceremonially becoming one. The
=>> seems to be "yes".
=>> anaashritaH karma phalaM kaaryaM karma karoti yaH |
=>> sa sanyaasii cha yogii cha niragnirna chaakriyaH ||
=>>                                                   (BG VI.1)
=>> It is a different case on how probable it is. While it is easy to say that
=>> sanyaasa can be achieved anywhere, it is quite difficult to actually do it.
=>> Actually going through the rigors of sanyaasaa is bound to develop more
=>> vairaagya and so on. Thus shrii sha.nkara's emphasis on the actual aashrama.
=>> This point has been expanded by Anandagiri (that the actual aashrama) is not
=>> absolutely necessary and was pointed out by Anand some time back also. IMO,
=>> Tiikaa of Anandagiri is absolutely essential in many places and this
=>> is one of them.
=>> Ramakrishnan.
        Ramana Maharshi also points out that a person although in samsara but
has renounced everything is far greater than one who has outwardly renounced.
        Sanyaasa means mental renouncing and he who has done it is the true

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