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Madhava Kumar Turumella madhava at EMIRATES.NET.AE
Wed Nov 20 14:18:34 CST 1996

Hello All;

I forgot to send my introduction first.  Instead I sent my
article :-).. Sorry for that.

My  name  is  Turumella Madhava Kumar.   Friends  call  me  as
"Madhav".  At  present I am working for a  Marketing  Research
Company as a Business Analyst. I live in Sharjah, UAE.

I  have  learned Sri Krishna Yajurveda (sutra patha) from  Sri
Kota  Kotisubbaramaiah Sastry garu (meternal uncle of Sringeri
Jagadguru Sri Bharati tirdha).

I  have undergone a training course called Dharmaveera for one
year  by  living  as an Inmate of an Ashram and learned Vedanta
from  my guru Swamini Saradapriyananda  (disciple  of
Swamy Chinmayananda, Chinmaya Mission).

This    dharmaveera    course   is   designed    by    Swamini
Saradapriyanadagi in order to give the right direction to  the
youth  by  awarding  them with the indepth  knowledge  of  our
scriptures and upanishads.

I  have  written a commentary on "Satarudryeeam"  (Namakam)  in
telugu.  The  book  is published a few days back  by  chinmaya
mission, Andhra pradesh.

That is all about me.

Seer or not I walk alone...
Madhava Kumar Turumella
P.O.Box. No : 22525
Sharjah, UAE.
Phone : 00971-6-597451 (Resi)
Fax : 00971-6-597490
E-Mail : madhava at emirates.net.ae

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