brahman by birth or guna and karma

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> The idea
>that one is a brahmaNa not by birth, but by conduct or by knowledge is
>repeated so often in various texts, e.g. the Mahabharata, that it is not
>necessary to search for Buddhist influence in this regard.

Vidya - can you give actual reference to this in Mahabharata.  Ekalavya and
Karna were denied education because they are neither brahmans nor
kshatrayas, obviously refereing to their birth.  The practice of casticism
was going on by birth in the Mahabharata time.  Even in Ramayana Time,
Rama's kiling of Shanbuka was another example.  Is there any references to
the fact subjects were considered as brahmins by guna and karma and not by
birth - besides ofcourse, valmiiki and viswaamitra.

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