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>        The sanskrit text, transliteration and translation of
>the vajrasuchi upanishhad can be found at
Dear Mr. Giri;

Thank you very much for this.  It is indeed a very useful information for me.

>        Most of the Indology scholars would never accept that the
>muktika upanishhad was written/composed during the period of
>Rama, which is around 5000 BC (i.e if they even accept that Rama is not a
>mythological character).

Where can I get more information about the above point you have mentioned?
I just wanted to know the reason. That's all.

>> advises  Hanuman to study "Bruhadaranyaka Upanishad" in  order
>> to understand higher self (the self with in).  He also advises
>        ??? In the two books I have,
>Lord Rama to Shri Hanuman in muktika:
>        'The only means by which the final emancipation is attained is
>through maaNDUkya upanishhad alone, which is enough for the salvation for
>all aspirants. If GYAna is not attained thereby study the 10 upanishhads;
>thou shalt soon attain GYAna, and then My Seat. O son of ajnjanaa, if thy
>GYAna is not made firm, practice (study) well the 32 upanishhads. Thou
>shalt get release. If thou longest after videhamukti, study the 108
>upanishhads. I will truly state in order the (names of the) upanishhads
>with their Shaanti (purificatory mantras).'
Oh! My I made a mistake.  Thanks for correcting me.  Three days back
when I was writing this article, Brihadaranyaka upanishad was whirling in
my mind. Rama advised Hanuma to read "maaNDukya". My apologies for the mistake.

Usually, when I write something I send it to my guru Swamini
Saradapriyananda.  She reads the article and sends me her opinion and
corrections.  I am sure she would have corrected me.

This time after writing the article I have posted directly to all of you.
It is said that "if you want to find out the dirt in the gold better
purify it in the fire".  Here my article is being burned in the fire called
Knowledge. How fortunate I am to get education from you. I am glad :-)

The second thing I wanted to convey to the fellow members is that I am
working as a business analyst.  Due to the nature of my job I have to move
accross many countries.  I do not carry books with me.  Probably, I may
take some time to get quotations (with stanza numbers etc.,) but at the
moment I am helpless. I beg all of you to understand my position.

>        Really ? I thought dvaita was more of a servant master relationship
>rather than a slave-master relationship. The latter can never be driven
>by Love.
Can you explain further. Thanks.

Earnest regards,
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