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Thu Nov 21 23:24:21 CST 1996

Giri wrote:
>         The "me/mine" concept generates numerous misidentifications. The
> primary being the idea that 'I am the body/mind' and is the worst of all.
> There is no escape from the dualistic world and misidentifications so long
> as the believer thinks he is someone else other than who he really is. All
> identifications with the unreal [emotions, body, mind, intellect and
> finally the concepts of good and evil] will have to finally cease !!
>         To remove this dualistic thought, one has to discard the "Me/mine"
> concept and the "other" concept will also be automatically discarded. Only
> in this state in which the ego and the personality associated with it
> completely disappears, one truly awakens to the state of the non-duality
> and there is no seeker apart from the sought, no seen apart from from the
> seer. This is the eternal Now, without the past or future. This is the state
> of fullness, oneness of the universal being, the state which is beyond all
> identities but is the identity of all beings.

To be emblazoned with flashing
thunderbolts on the sky of awareness!

How much more of the raw ONE-ment do
we require to hear, before we...?

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