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>        Then, why do you avoid meat and alcohol ? :-)
:-) :-)

First I answer why I do not take meat.

I believe that each and every being in this world has it's right
to live and to take breath as long as they can.  But, we gain meat by
killing them.  If I were to be killed I try to run away from getting
killed.  I try to escape with whatever maximum power I posses.
Same way when a Goat or anything, when the slaughter tries to kill them,
tries to run away. They are provided with legs to run away. And horns to
protect themselves.

When I can't give life to them I have no right to kill them. That too,
they try to run away if I try to kill them.  That means they want to
live, when it want's to live I have no right to take that privilage
from them.

Now you may question plants also have life why should you kill them? :-)

I should say, I also have life and I have to live.  In order to live
I have to eat. Hence I try not to eat Animals, instead I eat plants
because only plants have that capacity to regain what ever they loose.
I mean, if I cut the branch of a tree or pluck a fruit or vegetable
the plant can get more of them.  But, sadly, if I cut the leg of an
animal it can't get the leg back.

Going further, our seers used to live just by eating leaves that have
fallen on the ground.  Personally, I am too sensetive to see any thing
getting killed, but at the same time I have my own limitations as a
human being. That I can't protect them.

2.  Taking alcohol

Simple reason.  My parents do not take it.  People around me do not
take it. Taking alcohol is not a part of our cultural life.

And I was never given a single reason why should I take alcohol.
The only thing I know about consuming alcohol is that people drink it
in order to feel happy.  Anyway, I am happier than any one who takes
alcohol :-) I do not need external medicine in order to feel happy.

Trust I shared my opinion with you.


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