Giri gmadras at ENGR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Fri Nov 22 16:41:41 CST 1996

Rama writes :

>> Married, or not, one can realize the Self.
>Yes, they can, theoretically. It is one of those things which is
>possible, but not probable.

        Agreed. i just wanted to point that just being married and having
children does not exclude someone from being a jnani. i gave a few
examples, who many people (including myself) consider to be jnanis. It is
possible they are not and i am mistaken. That's ok, it is a fact of life.
In fact, in an other mail, i mentioned that it is my opinion that one
should avoid anything (internet, tv, sex, onions..) which disturbs the
equanimity of the mind.


        Regarding another of the mails, I mentioned that sex was just like
any other sensual contact like eating etc and don't even differ in
magnitude (and quoted from kashmir shaivism). A fellow member of the list
asked me how do i know ? I confess that I was just quoting Swami
Lakshmanjoo and have no experience of sex to either prove or disprove the




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