Rushikesh K. Joshi rushi at BRONTO.IITM.ERNET.IN
Sat Nov 23 02:32:27 CST 1996

> He has family enjoying the fruits of his efforts. They will
> never travel unless it is  first class. Ordinary people like me who are
> gullible believe he  really is a Jeevanmukta.
> Now can anyone tellme how I am supposed to differentiate the real from
> unreal, unless I take pains to find out his past.

Take pains to find out about the presence.
I mean how his presence makes difference to you.
If you are doubtfree in his presence, touch his feet.
If a doubt lingers and he cannot clear it, say goodbye.

Paramatman manifests itself in various magnitudes as Guru.

In one manifestation, the mear presence can give you instantaneous realization.
Like the Sun. Go near and you don't have to be a paper sheet to burn.

Then by his mear look the frozen butter in your heart melts.
He does not have to talk to you. The cutting laser beam has been
inserted into you.

And he does talk to you with full love and full compassion.
He is only yours.

People often ask they don't have Guru.
How can there be anyone in this world without Guru ?

When time comes, Guru reveals himself.

And the key:  Absence of Doubt.

- Joshi

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