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Sat Nov 23 15:30:47 CST 1996

Dear Madhava:
I posted a response to your querry on benefits of blindfaith.  Here am again,
to post a personal experience.  Pratyksha is better than paroksha knowledge.
I am a ajnaani strolling along slowly on the path of vijnaanam with
blindfaith in Devi.
Iam not here to argue but to express my thoughts and learn from others.  This
is not a contest to see who argues better.  This I believe is forum for
learning.   Arguments becomes personal at the end hence I would like to avoid
them. Feel free to post your thoughts.
In 1986 I started Saptasati with the blind faith that it will take me to the
source. After obtaining Paramacharyas consent and blessings, initiated the
karmakanda. By her grace I am able to complete 11 out of 18. Every year I go
to India twice to visit sacred shrines, sacred saints and sacred tirthas.  On
my return trip I always go to Kanchipuram to see my real Amma and the
Acharyas.  During my last visit on Nov 1st I had the fortune to meet Bala
Periyavar (Young Shankaracharya). When I met him the first question he asked-
Did You See Amma? I said Yes. Then he asked me where I performed 11th homam
and when I am going to do the 12th and where. I responded that I performed
the 11th in Sri Madhaveswari Sannidhi in Prayag and the 12th I will do it in
Nov 97 in Sri Mahakali Sannidhi in Ujjaini.  After a brief conversation he
called one Sri Srnivasan (Ramayanam) gave him some instructions and left. Sri
Srinivas came to me and said that Acharya wanted him to interview me
atlength. First he asked me Why I am performing the homams. Is it for wealth,
health, name or fame. I told him none of them.  I am doing it with a
BlindFaith that Amma will tell me Who I Am.  I am not intelligent enough to
inquire Who Am I.  He asked why I choosed Rudra Rupam of Devi.  My answer
was- I see her in Sundara Rupam-she appears in various rupams depending on
the disposition of the seeker.  After some time we completed the interview
and am about to take leave. Suddenly he told me to go to Sholangir near
Tirupati and meet an old man who can tell what I am seeking.  Since I have
time I decided to go to Sholangir.  It seems this old man resigned his
position in Govt. 30 years ago and came to Sholangir on instructions by
Lord.Narasimha.  He usually sits near an Hanuman Idol under a huge tree at
the entrance to the village.There are two temples one for Hanuman and the
other for Narasimha on the top of steep hills.  Convinced that this man was
instructed by Lord Narasimha I asked him the question- Who Am I, Why I Am
Here and When I will be relieved.  He prayed to Lord for awhile, regained
conciousness and gave me the answers.  I stayed there for a while and left
for Madras.
See Madhava where my blindfaith took me.  I am confident now that Amma surely
will answer my prayers and time will be the witness.
One Suggestion.  Do not show blindfaith in people, Have it on Divine Mother.
Amma is Karunamayi.

DEVI'S GRACE                                                            Nagy

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