Many Wishes !!

Rushikesh K. Joshi rushi at BRONTO.IITM.ERNET.IN
Sun Nov 24 09:26:01 CST 1996

Namaskaar !!

Today is a great Day !!
It is Kartik Paurnima,
On this day, the Kartik Jyoti is lit on Arunachala Mountain !!

Mountain Arunachala is one of the Panchlingas in south India.
PanchaLingas correspond to five elements, Prithvi, Aap, Tej, Vaayu and Aakaash.

Arunachala is the Tejolinga.
There is a beautiful Shiva Temple at the base of Arunachala.
Arunachala has given us enlightened saints.

Shri Ramana Maharshi lived at the base of Arunachala.
He came there as a child and merged back into Arunachala at
the time of his Mahasamadhi.

Aruncahala is a great inspiration for seekers of Truth.
Arunachala emanates Silence.

O Arunachal Shiva !
Open our hearts
And light thy fire of knowledge in us !!

Best wishes for you all on this special day.

- Joshi

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