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>                                     Matrenamah
>Namaste:    Yes there are 51 Shakti Peetas Out of which 18 are most
>important.  I dont know why 18 is a magic number.  18 chapters in Gita, 18
>Puranas even the steps leading to Lord Ayyappa are 18.  Can anybody explain
>why 18 is chosen.
>With Devi's Grace                                             Nagy

Nagy - First I donot know the answer to your question.  Below are my
guesses: Take it with a grain of salt or chilli if you like it!

 Bharatam also contains  18 parvas.  Number 18 is called Jayam  - which
also means victory.  That is why Mahabharatam is also called Jayam - since
it is the the victory of the good over the evil. The war also took place
for 18 days.  18 seems to be a sentimenatal number.

 Eighteen consists of 1 and 8 - There is an relationless relationship
between 1 and 8 -
Krishna says in 15th chapter- my 8 fold nature of prakriti - pancha bhutas
+ mind- buddhi and jeeva - Bhuumiraaponalo vaayu .....
Mayaadhyakshena prarkriti ---- So He is separating himself, the one, from

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