Eating Meat and Fallen Leaves

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> > According to the shastras beef is certainly out.  Also eating some
> > like porcupines(?) is explicitly forbidden.  But other than that there
> According to my recollection, both Apastamba and Yajnavalkya say that
> there is nothing wrong with eating tender, well-cooked beef. Re: P. V.
> Kane's History of Dharmasastra, vols. 1-5. I don't have more exact
> references with me, but if someone else on this list has access to these
> volumes, you might be interested in looking it up.

I don't know about the Apastambha Dharma Sutra but I do have the
Yagnavalkya Smriti with Mitakshara.  In the Bhakshyabhakshyaprakarana, this
smrti says the person who eats beef will end up in a "ghora naraka" (Though
the literal meaning of this shloka may suggest this is only the case if it
is not an offering to Pitrs or Devas.)  The next shloka says all Brahmans
and Sannyasis of all castes should avoid eating meat.

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