Requirements for realization ?

egodust egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Wed Nov 27 20:38:22 CST 1996

Giri wrote:
> > egodust Wrote:
> > >attributed to it.  The advaitic axiom: "the world is in the Self, the
> > >Self is not in the world," is based on this primary idea, and is the
> > >import of the mayavadi stipulation as propounded by Sankara.
>         i think we should call the philosophy of Shankara 'brahman-vada'
> and not mayavada  :-) since maya is not ultimately real.

Isn't the 'mini-doctrine' of mayavada (in the selective sense of its being
an aside or a sort of 'skewered corollary' that can explain the consensual
belief in the advent of the world-appearance) based on Sankara's formula:
brahma satyaM, jagat.h mithyaa, jiivo brahmaiva na paraH
...and thereof incorporated into 'Brahma-vada' the identical sense as
the axiom referenced above?

Stop confusing me!  :-)


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