Katha upanishhad verse I.2.23

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At 13:20 03-04-97 -0800, Chuck wrote:

>     Any effort in this regard is useless and counter-productive and yet,
>paradoxically, must (at least seemingly) be "done."
>     However, there is never a "do-er" of the "do-ing."

Indeed. If there is no sense of ego, of someone trying to achieve
something, if there is just the 'do-ing', non-volitional and spontaneous,
then we are on the right track.

I sometimes think that there are many doors by which one can enter the
advaitic understanding.

One of these is the concept of non-volitional living. If one can witness
the mind and the spontaneous arrival and progression of thought, and then
understand that there is no such thing as 'volition', then one enters into
a state of non-volitional living, which in turn leads to the immolation of
the Ego into the Self - for what is the Ego without volition?

Another door is the Door of Time. Understanding that Time is nothing more
than memory, that all there is is the ever present Now Moment, I believe
will also lead to the disappearance of the Ego. For what is the Ego in the


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