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On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Chelluri Nageswar Rao wrote:

> I believe Sri Adi Shankara established Kamakoti Peetam.
> Somereason God only knows why it became a spiritual politics issue.

It's not just politics.  A sincere sadhaka may want to know with certainty
where the opinions he is hearing are coming from.  My feeling is it isn't
original.  The other four Mathas are strategically located in the four
directions, each with one of the Vedas, one of the Mahavakya, etc.  Kanchi
doesn't fit the pattern.  But I have the utmost respect for the matha as
it has been hallowed by some of the giants of Vedanta.  This is what
really matters.

This is one of those situations where there are divergent traditions that
could both possibly be "right" and one just has to use ones intelligence
and knowledge of history and tradition to make a guess.  Another example
is all over India Smartas believe Shankaracharya has set up the Panchayata
puja in which Shiva Bhagavan, Vishnu Bhagavan, Ganesh Bhagavan, Surya
Bhagavan, and Mataji are worshipped together.  But in the South it is
believed that Kartik bhagavan should be added as a sixth which is unheard
of to me. Who's right, who's wrong?

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