Free will - the saga continues...

Cameron Reilly cjreilly at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Sun Apr 20 16:53:05 CDT 1997

Just back from holidays, see this thread is *still* going, and that is good
because I believe this is a very important point.

Thought today I would add some fuel to the fire by quoting Ramesh Balsekar:

"The apperception of our true nature stops the outward flow of thought
based on the conceptual "me" and leads to the phenomenon known as
enlightenment. This happens suddenly, spontaneously and effortlessly. It is
not expected at all. Indeed, any expectation would be an obstacle."

"Until this intuitive flash of understanding occurs, the logical question
is: What can be done to "acquire" this flash of understanding"? Again, the
only answer is a counter question: Who wants to know? When Nisagradatta
Maharaj asked this question to a visitor, many felt that he was evading the
question. He was not. The counter question is the only answer. The one who
is asking the question is the illusory individual ego. And the illusory
ego, who has no real existence, is not capable of "doing" anything to
"achieve" anything. The sudden flash of understanding can occur only
spontaneously, "from outside". Does this mean then that the human being, as
an individual, has no active participation as an apparatus? That is
precisly so."


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