Corollas, US Dollars and Janaka

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On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, VP Nandakumar wrote:

> I'm sorry if I phrased it wrong. My mind is open. I just wanted to hear more
> reasoning about it.

Nothing wrong with that.  It is no disrespect to ask people to clarify
what they are saying if you don't understand.

> OK, if one's a jnani, totally detatched, can the person really do justice to
> household or kingdom? A true father has to have affection for his children and
> family, else cause unhappiness in the family. Likewise the king for his
> subjects. OK, one can be detatched in both states. In that case, probably one
> will be a true jnani, but can one be a true father or king
> too?

You have to distinguish between what is required of a parent or king and
what they commonly do out of false attachment.

For instance in the Ramayana it says when Indrajit was born, Ravana
rearranged the planets to give his son a good horoscope!  What father
wouldn't want to do this if they could?  But as the rest of that story
shows such false attachments even if good intentioned will lead to bad
consequences.  It is enough for a father to make sure his children are
fed, clothed, schooled etc. he doesn't have to satisfy every whim in the
childs mind.  Same with a King. He has to rule wisely and dharmically but
that's it.

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