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Ramakrishnan writes

>Note that the same MU says:
>sarvaM hi etad brahma: all these are verily brahman
>Thus the way to understand the MU is that the world as you preceive it
>is _NOT_ brahman, but once established in turIya the substratum alone
>"seen" and then what was perceived before, i.e., the "all" is brahman.
>"after advaita siddhi, there are neither mountains nor rivers, but only

I feel that perception of duality is not the problem. It is attributing
reality to this that is samsara. Pratyaksha and other pramanams
excluding Vedanta report only duality. Going to a particular "state"
like samadhi may give an experience of non-duality but this can't be the
goal. The truth of Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma should exist as a vritti in
the mind even while perceiving duality. Only then jivanmukthi has its
fun.The jnani too perceives the world, knowing fully well that he is the
"maieva sakalam jatam
 mayi sarvam pratishtitam
 mayi sarvam layam yati
 tat brahmadvayam asmyaham- Kaivalyopanishad"
or as Shankara says in Bhaja Govindam:
Yogaratho va bhogaratho va
Sangaratho va sanga vihinah
yasya Brahmani ramate chittam
nandati nandati nandateva.


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