Maanasa-yaatraa to the 12 Jyotirlinga's - Srisailam

Mon Aug 11 16:47:43 CDT 1997

  shriishailashR^inge vibudhaatisaJNge
   tulaadrituJNge .api mudaa vasantaM |
  tamarjunaM mallikapuurvamekaM
   namaami saMsaarasamudrasetum ||

  shriishailashR^inge - On the peak of the Shriishaila mountain,
  vibudhaatisaJNge - (where) the congregation takes place very much
  tulaadrituJNge   .api  -  even more lofty than similar mountains
  mudaa - with pleasure
  vasantaM - residing
  tamarjunaM mallikapuurvamekaM - the One Mallikaarjuna
  namaami - I bow to
  saMsaarasamudrasetum - the bridge over the ocean called samsaara

  I bow to Lord Mallikaarjuna, who is the bridge over the ocean called
  samsaara, who resides with pleasure on the peak of the Shriishaila mountain
  which is the meeting place of the gods, and which is loftier than mountains
  of similar reputation.

  The linga at Shrishaila bears the name Mallikaarjuna, and the devii is known
  as Bhramaraambikaa. The word "arjuna" is also the name of a kind of tree. The
  word "mallika" is the name of jasmine creepers. Thus the name "Mallikaarjuna"
  also means the arjuna tree entwined by jasmine creepers. The word
  "Bhramaraambika" also means a female bee.

  Shankara, in his Shivaanandalaharii, has made use these double meanings of the
  words in composing verses dedicated to Mallikaarjuna and Bhramaraambikaa of

  About Srisailam:

  Srisailam is located 232 kms. south of Hyderabad, on the banks of the
  Krishna river, in the northern-most plateau of the Nallamalai hill range.
  The Bhamaramba Mallikarjunaswamy temple is one of the most ancient and sacred
  places in Southern India. Srisailam is also known as "dakshhiNa kailaasa",
  the Kailaasa (abode of Shiva) of the South.

  According to the Andhra Pradesh tourism department, tours are available
  from Yatrinivas, Secunderabad. The twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad
  are well connected by air, rail, and road from other major cities in


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