Thinking - The Tyranny of the Mind

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Yesterday I was cleaning up and I had to move a bookcase but I couldn't.
Was the problem the tyranny of the bookcase or the relative weakness of my
arms?  I took everything out of the bookcase and then I was able to move
it.  Was that the right course of action or should I have sat there
waiting for the bookcase to move itself?  The mind can play tricks and can
interfere with sadhana but it is entirely possible to strengthen it.  It
is _only_ that strengthened mind that is capable of the rigorous analysis
that leads to ultimate truth.  One shouldn't blame the mind just because most
people don't know how to use it properly.

Advaita Vedanta recognizes rational thought is imperfect but it also
recognizes it is the _only_ reliable way we have of determining the truth.
See the brahmasutrabhashya where Shankaracharya argues emphatically
against the validity of "direct pure thoughts" as a pramana which
Samkhya-Yoga believed.

As for all this getting rid of concepts and living life as it comes, I'll
believe it when I see someone actually do it.  In fact I believe it is
only calculating charlatans lke Rajneesh or Osho or whatever the hell he
calls himself this week who say such things but that's because they're
practising the "sadhana" of conning gullible dupes into buying them
Rolls-Royces.  (Yes I read the message from the list-owner about respect.
I stand by my remarks.  Rajneeshes criminal activities are a matter of
public record albeit in the past which we're conveniently supposed to

You say pandits are incapable of enlightenment but your concept of
enlightenment sounds like some kind of coma.  Let us pray we never achieve
that sort of "enlightenment."

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