Regarding sarvaM khalvidaM brahma

Charles A. Hillig chillig at JETLINK.NET
Tue Aug 12 02:38:08 CDT 1997

At 02:46 AM 8/12/97 +0000, you wrote:
>On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Martin Gifford wrote:
>> What's wrong with rivers and mountains?
>They don't exist.

     Well, I suppose that they're as real as YOU are!

>> Ramana loved Arunachula - a
>> mountain. If mountains and rivers are not seen then the Advaitan misses out
>> on his own creation!
>But the Advaitin doesn't care for his own or anyone elses creation.

     Maybe we can put it this way?

    With total compassion and absolute love, the jnani cares FOR everything.

    However, at the very same time, he just doesn't care ABOUT it.

                         Wiht Blessings,

                             Chuck Hillig

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