Thinking - and Osho

Dennis Waite dwaite at INTERALPHA.CO.UK
Tue Aug 12 14:41:00 CDT 1997

Thank you to Jaldhar H. Vyas for his amusing comments on my submission. I
had to smile, having already anticipated something of the sort. No offence
taken incidentally. I'm bound to say it did remind me of the quotation from
Ambrose Pierce:- an opinion is "To be positive: To be mistaken at the top of
one's voice".

I confess to having had grave suspicions about Rajneesh-Osho or 'whatever he
calls himself this week' (in fact I gather he changed his name to 'OM'
before he died - that should give Jaldhar some grounds for more invective!).
However, the more I read (excepting perhaps the last year or two of his
life), the more impressed I become with his ability to communicate the
truths of Advaita (and other traditions). I wonder how much Jaldhar has
actually read of him? He also defends his behaviour quite well in a number
of articles. Accordingly, I prefer not to judge or criticise but to take
what he says and judge it on its own merits.


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