The tyranny of the mind

Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Tue Aug 12 15:35:28 CDT 1997

>Learn sitting silently -- become a mirror. Silence makes a mirror out of
>your consciousness, and then you function moment to moment. You
>reflect life. You don't carry an album within your head. Then your eyes
>are clear and innocent, you have clarity, you have vision, and you are
>never untrue to life. This is authentic living.

The album, I suppose, refers to the past experiences. OK, it might be true
that we might perceive or react to situations based on past experiences
which might not be original or true to the moment. But the first experience
must have been original and true. So if the situation is quite the same or
similar, why not avail  the benefit of the past experience and improvise
as befits the situation, instead of reinventing the wheel? By ignoring past
experience, aren't we supressing the only tool we have - Reason, for
when faced with a similar situation, reason would point to past
experiences for a solution. And doesn't it contradict Advaita itself, which
places so much emphasis on reason and logic?

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