advaitam and Kashmir shaivam (Idealism and Realism)

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Fri Aug 15 03:25:00 CDT 1997

Hi All !

At 01:58 AM 15/08/97 +0000, Jaldhar  wrote:

>Well if you're just saying people interpret physical phenomena differently
>then I'd agree.  And I'd say it's a good thing they do.  Imagine how
>boring life would be if everyone thought exactly the same.  But this is a
>far, far more modest claim than that which Subjective Idealist
>philosophers both Eastern and Western make which is that individual
>observers create their own reality.  That view is untenable.

        How would you prove that? To say that other people see the same
reality you first have to say that they exist and how could you prove you
didn't create them or that they even exist? There are many other arguments
along this line.



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