regarding death

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Fri Aug 15 03:42:21 CDT 1997

At 04:23 AM 14/08/97 PDT, Shyam wrote:

> First of all, it is difficult to prove reincarnation, heaven and
>hell.One has to accept the Shruthi's words.


>I feel that the concept of
>rebirth justifies the apparent diversities in this world.I reap the
>fruits of actions done in an earlier birth in this birth.So, nothing is
>really unfair in the world.

        Not for me. If we are reborn into a lower station then that means
people are abusing us then they have to suffer karma and so it just goes on.

> Another way of looking at it: the 'I' remains even when the awareness
>of the body is absent (in deep sleep). This is evident because on
>waking, we say " I slept like a log, I was aware of nothing...". so it
>can be inferred that the I exists independent of the body.

        I think we say we slept like a log because we don't remember waking up.

        I would also add that 'death' and 'body' could be seen merely as



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