Osho speaks!!!

Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Fri Aug 15 09:47:13 CDT 1997

>But repression will keep things alive.  Because you have not _lived_
>how can you be bored? You have not lived--how can you be fed up?
>Because you have not lived, the charm continues, the hypnosis
>continues.  Deep down, it waits.

>And the people who indulge are in a way normal compared to the
>people who repress.

>The repressing person becomes pathological;

Although the above sentences are logical enough, I don't think they apply
to an Advaitin or somebody sincerely interested in Self-Realization,
rather they apply to the normal man. Self-Realisation is not for the normal
man. Even the Upanishads say that. It would take a (wo)man, with
slightly extra sense of purpose and strength and character, who would
give up normal material life to seek the Truth. The Upanishads and the
Bhagavadh Gita are very emphatic about the control of the senses. OK,
probably not overnight control, but with practice. C'mon, how can you
aspire to be God if you're not even willing to give up your worldly

And I can't picture ShrI Chandrashekharendra SarasvatI being

I don't know, it sounds to me like somebody is saying what others want
to hear! Maybe the key to the authenticity of Osho lies in the quality of
following that he attracted.  "Everything is right at the level at which it's

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