Osho speaks!

Venkat Puntambekar venkatp at SYNOPSYS.COM
Fri Aug 15 11:12:43 CDT 1997

Namaste: I do not know a whole lot about Rajneesh, but have heard his hindi
discourses and read a couple of his books. I am not at all surprised by his
power. His language is brilliant, his knowledge of scriptures, I am told,
cannot be disputed. If you see his video's the presence and power is unmistakable.

The so called self indulgence for which he is blamed for, nobody knows
how much of that is his making. But to the extent I understand advaita (that is not much),
he says the same like most of the list members, although more authoritatively.

True, he is a very radical for most of us traditionaally raised Indians, but does not
necessarily make  him a charlatan.

All said and done, "Who knows what is right and what is wrong".


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