yajur upakarma

Jonathan Bricklin brickmar at EARTHCOM.NET
Fri Aug 15 11:27:05 CDT 1997

> Basically, the self is without activity and is the substratum. The
> desires etc which seem to occur is not of the self and so on. This
> should be kept in mind while doing the japa. I have seen two versions of
> the mantra, namely kAmokAR^ishhIt.h manyurakar^ishhIn.h and also
> kAmokAR^ishhIt.h manyurakAR^ishhIn namonamaH.
> Also note that this does not mean that we can do whatever we please and
> attribute it to kAma :-). The aham is the Atman and not the ego.

Note, too, that if you do whatever you please the Atman is doing that as
well,  and that effort is a distraction from what is.  In other words, the
atman resisting the atman can be a whirlpool on the stream leading to

Jonathan Bricklin

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