Osho speaks!

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Sat Aug 16 12:27:14 CDT 1997


Venkat You said it very well.  "Who knows what is right and What is wrong"
What is right for one may not be right for other.    GOD ONLY KNOWS!

Ramakrishnan says "This is exactly the kind of thinking condemned by GYAnis"

I remember posting longtime back that GYAnis (saints,paramahamsas etc.) dont
go around spreading the word that they are GYAnis.  WE DO!.

It all boils down to What Sada said about Likes&Dislikes.    We establish our
own and some borrowed standards and judge others and give them titles.  The
guy who measures up to our standards and passes the test and whom we LIKE
becomes a paramahamsa and we cant wait to spread the word.  The guy whom we
dont like for some reason or other we call him .............

My advise to all whatever it may be worth
Do not judge others before you judge yourself whatever you identify with!
 Leave the judgement to Supreme.

Shubhamastu                                                  Nageswar

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